Episode 5: Meat is Murder



Full Episode on iTunes

Murder Casebook: Armin Meiwes: The Rotenburg Cannibal


The Sausage Factory Mystery – The Chicago Tribune

Introduction to Forensic Anthropology

Return to the Scene – Chemical Heritage FoundationArmin Meiwes: Interview with a Cannibal documentary sheds new light – The Independent

Mao Sugiyama – The Man Who Served His Genitals For Dinner – Historic Mysteries

Story of Australian woman who skinned and cooked partner to be told in film – The Guardian

David Viens: The Chef Who Cooked His Wife – Jim FisherCannibals nabbed selling corpse to kebab house – Rueters

Jack in the Box E.coli Outbreak

Former PCA Owner Stuart Parnell Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison

Blue Bell says Listeria threat will always remain – Food Safety News

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