Episode 6: Dressed to Kill

The Poisoned Dress is one of the oldest urban legends in America. Is there any truth to this story? Today we are more concerned with fashion and self-image than ever before, or are we? We explore why appearances can be deceiving, and the lengths we are willing to go to for beauty.


Full Episode on iTunes

Dressed To Kill – Stream Full Episode

State-of-the-art scholarship reveals secrets of 19th century conform industry

An Update on Arsenic Green: When the World was Dying for Color

Fatal Victorian Fashion and the Allure of the Poison Garment

Dress dye analysis points to fast-moving fashion in 19th century

Perkins Purple

Death by Green: Arsenic Poisoning

Drop Dead Gorgeous: A Tale of Arsenic in Victorian LifeMad as a Hatter? Millinery and Mercury

The Victorian Web

A Dress To Die For by Katy Kelleher

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