Episode 7: Hooking Up

For years chaperones and parents did their best to hold onto the keys of their sons’ and daughters’ chastity belts. The rising car culture after WWII, however; saw more and more teens taking control of the wheel, and making their own sexual choices. Faced with this reality, a frightening boogeyman with a hook for a hand stepped in to do what parents no longer could, give kids a reason to say ‘no’. The real question is, who is he?



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The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1977) Trailer

The Monster of Florence: A True Crime Story – The Atlantic

Florence Webguide – The Monster of Florence






2 thoughts on “Episode 7: Hooking Up

  1. When I was a teenager (circa 1970s!) there was a story that reportedly happened at Ft. Leavenworth which was about an hour from where I lived. The story was that a teenaged baby sitter, high on LSD, cooked the baby in the microwave and presented it to the parents on a platter with parsley, etc. when they returned from their date. In hindsight it is a perfect urban legend – new technology, drugs, etc., etc. I have never heard a retelling, though. Have you?


    1. There are a host of ‘dead baby’ jokes and urban legends from ~1970s. Allen Dundes, a prominent folklore scholar, has written extensively about the phenomenon. He theorizes that their popularity had something to do with women entering the workforce and the highly visible abortion and birth control debates. Definitely something we could do a full episode on in the future. Thanks for listening!


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