Episode 11: Suffer The Little Children

We all know children are the future, mostly because the song plays at local supermarkets and dentist’s office in heavy rotation, but what if that sentiment isn’t as comforting as soft rock would have us believe? “Children are all little criminals,” a 19th century psychologist stated, and perhaps he’s not so far off. There’s something parasitic about the relationships between caretakers and their charges, but we’ll look at the extreme worst case scenarios in this episode. From the paranormal, black eyed children trading on their cuteness to get a chance to steal your soul, to the factual, real life tales of kids who kill; we’ll try to answer the question: why are creepy kids so creepy?



Full Episode on iTunes 

Suffer the Little Children – Stream Full Episode 

Mary Bell Documentary

Thought Catalog – 14 Cases of Parents Murdered by Their Kids

Thought Catalog – Who Were the Green Children of Woolpit

Huffington Post – Science of Cute

Brian Bethel

Juvenile Delinquents – FindLaw


How do Juvenile Proceedings Differ from Adult Criminal Proceedings? – FindLaw

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