Episode 13: A Psycho’s Best Friend is His Mother

Surely, yes, surely, Norman, Mother, and the horrors of the Bates Motel are merely eccentric imaginings of a darkly gifted mind, right? However unbelievable this Freudian field day seems, it’s based on a true story. Just as Hitchcock’s film, Psycho, initiated the country (and truthfully, the world) into the age of suspenseful, cerebral horror thrillers; the story of its origin generated a national curiosity about abnormal psychology and its role in creating the modern monsters later dubbed ‘serial killers’. Unbelievable from inspiration to publication, from publication to production, from production to marketing, and from marketing to reception this film is a landmark of cinema and storytelling. Join as we take a look at the way Psycho redefined the way Americans saw movies, and the way Ed Gein changed the way we saw the guy next door.

Guest Storyteller Diane Student from History Goes Bump

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A Psycho’s Best Friend is His Mother – Stream Full Episode 

The Original Psycho Trailer, featuring Alfred Hitchcock

Indie wire – 5 Things about the Making of Psycho that you Won’t See in Hitchcock

Moviefone – Psycho: 25 Things You Didn’t Know

Norman Bates: A Most Terrifying Mama’s Boy – NPR

Open Culture – Alfred Hitchcock’s Rules for Watching Psycho

2 thoughts on “Episode 13: A Psycho’s Best Friend is His Mother

  1. This is my absolute favorite episode. I had no idea Ed Gein was such a model for Norman Bates. I first heard about Ed after learning he was an influence for the amazing Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs! And now to learn more about him for this episode, I want to know so much more!!!! Thank you so much for your amazing podcast !!!!

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    1. Thank you so much for listening, this is one of my favorite episodes, too. I think a lot of slasher/horror movies owe something to the story of Ed Gein. I loved reading about Hitchcock, he was such a character.


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