Episodes 25.1 & 25.2: What We Talk About When We Talk About Modern Folklore

The website Creepy Pasta has become a nearly ubiquitous cultural phenomenon. This site offers users a chance to share short fiction in a variety of media. The stories are generally scary, but they range in genre from classic horror to speculative fiction to political thriller. It’s safe to say that among a subset of Internet users, a few of these stories have become legendary. Have the lines between written stories and oral tradition been blurred by the online community? Is this folklore? Are these stories urban legends? They’ve certainly left a mark, perhaps most infamously inspiring one attempted murder involving three 12-year-old girls. Join us this week as we celebrate our 25th episode, and explore the Creepy Pasta greatest hits from “The Russian Sleep Experiment” to “Slender Man”, and ask what this new form of story swapping means for modern culture.



Listen to Part 1 on iTunes

Listen to Part 2 on iTunes


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Charges detail Waukesha pre-teens’ attempt to kill classmate – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel



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