Episode 26: Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Gay Mafia?

Have you heard that the gay mafia is running Hollywood? Well any disenfranchised straight guy in the entertainment industry will tell you about it. Hyperbole aside, the gay mafia is a running joke/ urban legend that keeps popping up in pop culture. Where is this idea coming from? As much fun as it is to imagine a West Side Story-esque take on The Godfather, there’s actually a historical source for this idea that is less than humorous. Everyone knows about the Red Scare, but two shades lighter and just a hair more to the left there was a scare of equal importance. Join us this week as we examine the true story of the Lavender Scare; and explore the ways in which high-powered historical figures like J. Edgar Hoover and Joseph McCarthy left lasting scars on the LGBTQ Rights cause in America.


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The Lavender Scare – Trailer

ABC News – J. Edgar Hoover had Sex with Men, But Was He a Homosexual?

The Guardian – The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover

Slate – Gay Mafia: Why Are Conservatives so Afraid of LGBTQ Activists?

Uniquely Nasty: The U.S. Government’s War on Gays

NY Post – Why NYC’s Gay Bars Thrived Because of the Mob

The Lavender Scare – documentary by Josh Howard



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