Episode 27: Campfire Tales: Are You Afraid of the Dark

How do you remember summer camp? What stands out most for you? Is it the memory of mosquito bites? Winning that year’s capture the flag? Promising to write new friends, or your first love (and meaning letters with stamps, and only until school starts again)? Or do you remember the spooky stories told around the campfire, the camp ghosts, and fear of Jason Voorhees? What if those stories told in the dark weren’t just imagined to frighten new campers? What if there really was some psychopath hiding in the woods? And what if said psychopath had magical powers? Join us this week as we explore the reasons we go into the woods for ‘Lord of the Flies’ style fun in the summer, and if there really is anything lurking in the woods right behind your cabin.


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Simply Psychology – The Robber’s Cave Experiment

5 Minute History Lesson: Episode 3: Robber’s Cave

Smithsonian Magazine – Late Night Conversations Around Fire Might Have Shaped Early Cognition and Culture

Children’s Nature: The Rise of the American Summer Camp by Leslie Paris

The Still Unsolved 1977 Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

Someone Cry for the Children


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