Episode 28: You Have but Slumbered Here While These Visions Did Appear

You should be safe in your own bed. It should be a place that allows you take refuge, recharge, and find peace. But nightmares, bad dreams and old hags can ruin that for anyone. These self-generated specters can make a prison of a bed, a place that generates anxiety and represents anything but peace. Now take the fear one step further, imagine that not only is your bedroom a place that traps you inside with all the things that go bump in the night, but your body rebels and the trap becomes more menacing. You can’t move. You’re wide awake, but you can’t move. Maybe there’s something in the corner of the room, or pressing on your chest. Maybe you’re only aware of the feeling that you are not alone. This is sleep paralysis and it’s been happening at least as long as people have been recording history. But what is it? Join us this week as we explore the mystery of sleep paralysis and ask whether or not bad dreams are really nothing to be afraid of.


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The Nightmare – Trailer

Vice – Sleep Paralysis Is an Inescapable Waking Nightmare

Wellcome Collection Blog: Sleep Paralysis: A Brief History of Fear, Treatment and Artistic Creativity

Biblical Archaeology – Lilith

Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic Hallucinations during Sleep Paralysis: Neurological and Cultural Construction of the Night-Mare – Cheyne, J. Allan

The Nightmare – Documentary by Rodney Ascher – Trailer


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