Episode 33: They Must Be Invited

The bond between guest and host is ancient and sacred one. Hospitality has always been considered a virtuous undertaking, in fact, opening your home to travelers and friends was at one time expected, if not demanded. But what happens when you open the door to the wrong person? What is a host to do when their kindness is abused in ways darker and longer lasting than having all their hot water used up, or a visitor putting coffee grinds down the sink? What if the bad guest came back when you weren’t home, and began living in your attic? What if they watched you sleep? What if they caused you harm? Such a thing could never happen, could it? This week we take a look at urban legends about people living in the walls. Join as we examine the importance thresholds, boundaries, and home security and ask what happens when those are fundamentally disrespected and ignored.


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Museum Created for Germans Who Hid Jews

Delusions of Persecution: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

The True Story of Danny LaPlante

Eastern Illinois University – The Underground Railroad

The Escape of the 28 – Betty Ann Smiddy and Diana Porter

Levi Coffin House




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