Episode 34: Apocalypse … Eventually!

Humanity has long been certain that the sky is falling. We’ve basically been predicting the end of the world since it began. From Nostradamus to Y2K, the doomsday predictions have been as varied as they have been persistent. This week we ask why people are so preoccupied with post apocalyptic propaganda and what happens when the world keeps turning after you’ve publicly promised catastrophe. Join us as we explore the end of the world as we know it.


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The Linguists – Trailer

Britannica – 10 Failed Doomsday Predictions

Washington Post – What happens when your end-of-the-world prediction is wrong

BookRiot – Why Do We Love the Apocalypse

Linguistic Society of America – What Is an Endangered Language?

History Witch – Poison Pudding and Prophet Hens

Now I Know – The Prophet Hen of Leeds

The Linguists

Endangered Languages of Indigenous Peoples of Siberia – The Language of Chulym Turks

Parrots speak lost rainforest tongue – The Independent

The Parrot That Kept A Language Alive – Mental Floss

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