Episode 37: Rippin’ Up a Rag Doll

Dolls are symbols of childlike innocence; visions of idealized beauty suspended in time. They are treasured companions, well-loved playthings, sweet mementoes. Wait. No. What the hell am I saying. Dolls are HELLA creepy. But why? How did these sweet little toys get wrapped up in all this horror story nonsense? Join us this week as we explore the strong ties between dolls and the macabre, and ask why the hell are dolls so eerie?


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A Tour of The Occult Museum with Ed and Lorraine Warren. See the real Annabelle

Pictures show how Russian man dressed 29 mummified bodies as dolls ‘to decorate his apartment’

Grieving woman who consoled herself with eerily lifelike ‘reborn’ dolls after miscarriage reveals pain of being branded ‘creepy and weird’ by Facebook bullies

The Power of Sympathetic Magic

Magical Poppets



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