Episode 38: Running Away With (or From) the Circus

The circus is an American institution. It’s a carnival of thrills and wonder that crisscrosses the country. The circus coming to town might be the highlight of the year. Breaking the monotony in even the most far-flung towns, the colorful carneys and mind boggling performers brought joy… And maybe something darker and more foreboding. Have circuses ever brought threats to small town America? Or have we imagined monsters where there are none? Join us this week as the circus comes to town, and we examine our perceptions of outsiders.


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Outsiders By Howard S Becker

Fear and Cultural History by Joanne Bourke

Virginia Authorities Seek Four Missinf Children of Former Constantina Couple – The Palladium Times

The Pope Lick Monster

Chicago Tribune – October 19, 1980 – Suspect found in boy’s killing

Suspect Held In 1951 Slaying Girl, 8, Was Victim Of Molester

Suspect In 1951 Slaying Dies In Neb. William Redmond Was Accused Of Killing An 8-year-old At A Carnival. The Case Languished For Decades Until A State Trooper Reopened It.

Has DNA Solved the Murder of Joanne Lyon?

“The Life of the Carnival; Carnie Lore and the People who Bring Life to the American Carnival. – Ruby Jenkins”

Nepal’s lost circus children

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