Episode 39: She’s a Bad Mother–Shut Your Mouth: La Llorona

Mothers are meant to guide, nurture and protect their children. We look to their love as a model for selfless giving and unending devotion. But there are bad Mothers out there. There are women who do the unthinkable to their own children, and subvert everything we expect from the mythical martyr mother. Join us this week as we examine the deep, rich history and cultural context of the patron saint of less than perfect mothers, La Llorana. In this episode we will explore her story’s consistent patterns over time, and compare those features to some modern cases maternal filicide.


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Forensic Files – The List Murders

The Weeping Woman (La Llorona) by Joe Hayes

Edmonton mom who drowned her seven-year-old son not criminally responsible

Court TV – Friends: Woman accused of killing her son had ‘good old time’ after funeral

Woman who drowned kids not guilty – NBC News

Mitchelle Blair: Why I killed my kids

Sword and Scale: Episode 67

Bureau of Justice Statistics Women Offenders

Classifications and Descriptions of Parents Who Commit Filicide by Linda Clic

Mom fueled by deranged form of love – New York Daily News



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