Episode 40: No One Gets Left Behind or Forgotten: The Night Marchers

When we think of Hawaii, here on the mainland, we might imagine hula dancers in grass skirts. We might think of movies like Lilo and Stitch or Jurassic Park (it was filmed there, look it up). We might have googled photos of a certain shirtless President on that state’s glorious beaches. Maybe, just maybe, we think about Pearl Harbor, and the historical significance the military base on a Pacific archipelago had in shaping history as we know it. But – do you think that’s where the history of that 50th star on the flag starts? Hardly, my friend. This week we learn all about why Hawaiian history comes alive on the islands, and how the haunting presence educates new generations on the customs of the past. Join us this week as we take a look at the legend of the Hawaiian Night Marchers and its vital role in keeping cultural knowledge and traditions alive.

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Conquest of Hawaii – History Channel Documentary

The Best of Hawaii’s Best Spooky Tales by Rick Carroll

Phantom Night Marchers in the Hawaiian Islands by Katherine Luomala


Folklore, Volume 2

The Medieval Walking Dead

Ghosts in the Middle Ages by Jean-Claud Schmitt

HawaiiHistory – Kamehameha I

Traditional Hawaiian Dress

Bishop Museum – The Treasured Mahiole

Ancient Hawaiian Culture and Legend

Ancient Hawaii

Alternative Hawaii

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