Episode 42: Jailhouse Rock

Prison is a place you’re meant to go when you can no longer control your actions or conform to societal norms. Because prison is meant to house those who deviate from formally instituted rules, and seek to do harm to others; those on the inside are not allowed to come and go as they please. There should be no escape from the consequences of your actions, and there should be no escape from prison. In a perfect world, this seemingly logical idea might hold true, but this is far from the best of all possible worlds. Join us this week as we explore desperate escape attempts, destructive riots and how quickly prisons can be constructed in our own minds. In this episode we discuss the legend of The Coffin Escape, the Montana State Prison Riot of 1959, and the Stanford Prison Experiment; as we ask, is the idea of ‘getting out of prison’, just a story?


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Jailhouse Rock

imageGuest Storyteller: Ryan Jennings

Small Town Horror Podcast

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Bruce Jackson On How He Became the Dean of Prison Folklore – The Wall Street Journal

Prison Break: True Stories of the World’s Greatest Escapes by Paul Buck

A Civil War Treasury of Tales, Legends and Folklore edited by Benjamin Albert Botkin

The Psychological Impact of Incarceration: Implications for Post-Prison Adjustment – Craig Haney, U of Ca Santa Cruz

Oddly Historical – Dr. Leo Stanley and the San Quentin Eugenics Experiment

The Trauma of the Incarceration Experience by Mika’il DeVeaux

CBS News – Woman Hides from Cops in Coffin, Say Pa. Police; Ruse is Dead End

Stanford Prison Experiment


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