Episode 47: He Mixes It With Love and Makes the World Taste Good

Pull up a chair, x-Ray that Snickers bar, and pour yourself some wine; it’s time to talk about poisoned candy. Trick or Treat. It didn’t begin as a question. In the early days it was a threat, more, ‘do it, or else,’ than ‘what do you have for me?’ Join us this week as we explore the rich history of the trick-or-treat tradition in America. Spoiler, contrary to whatever you might have heard from Max in *Hocus Pocus* it was not invented by the candy companies. We’ll also discuss the tale of ‘The Man Who Killed Halloween’ and the way he brought the legend of “The Halloween Sadist” to life.

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Killer Legends – Who Was The Candy Man?

The Razor Blade in the Apple: The Social Construction of Urban Legends, Best and Horiuchi; Social Problems

Gangsters, Pranksters and the Invention of Trick-or-Treating, 1930-1960; Samari Kawash; American Journal of Play

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