Episode 50: A Monster So Hideous

Whether our parents warned about strangers with candy in windowless vans, or creepy clown gangs, or a deranged loner hiding in the woods; we were all subjected to cautionary tales in one form or another. Scare tactics are integral to parenting, apparently. We shrugged off the stories, or elaborated on the ideas and shared them with peers while holding flashlights under our chins. We may have been leery of men who looked like the silhouette on the neighborhood watch sign. We might have run out of the woods when we came upon a boot print, or imagined a sinister side to the Shriners in clown white who lead the parade. We probably never considered that these manufactured monsters might be real for longer than a moment. What if they were? This was a question addressed by filmmaker Joshua Zeman in his documentary feature, CROPSEY. He joins us this week to talk about the powerful intersection of legends and reality, and the effects that stories have on our perceptions. We’ll explore why society needs to believe in monsters, and what happens when the creatures we build in our imaginations come to life.

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Guest Host: Joshua Zeman image

Josh on Twitter

The Killing Season on A&E


The Killing Season: Official First Look

Premieres November 12, 2016 – 9/8c


The Cropsey Maniac by Meridith Vitale

Cropsey at Camp by Libby Tucker – New York Folklore Society

Creepy History: Cropsey — The Monster of Staten Island

Cropsey Film Site

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