Episode 52: Blood Into Ink – One Year Anniversary Special

Who are we, really? Identity is an amorphous, malleable concept that haunts human consciousness at almost every moment. Whether telling a pushy sales person that this shirt, ‘just isn’t me’; having a skull and crossbones inked on a forearm; or updating an online status; we are valiantly attempting to answer the question of ‘who am I’ for ourselves and the others we encounter. We want to show the world who we are, and be accepted, esteemed or valued for that presentation. Every detail, our style of dress, our haircut, hair color, our tone of voice, our choice of words, the scars and emblems that we ecru upon our skin throughout our lifetime; tell the story of ‘us’. Where does the story stop? Join us this week for a special two-part episode that asks the question are we all, just a story?

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Stream Part 2:

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The Cultural Heritage of Tattooing – Lars Krutak; TED Talk



Tattoos The Ancient and Mysterious History – Smithsonian

Tattoo: Pigments of Imagination – National Geographic

How the Art of Tattoo Has Colored World History – Gizmodo

Tattooing the Body, Marking Culture – Jill Fisher; Body and Science

The Identity Crisis Under The Ink – The Atlantic

Inside the World’s Only Surviving Tattoo Shop for Medieval Pilgrams – Atlas Obscua

Beauty Archetypes: Tattooed Ladies

Early American Tattooing: The Native

Lars Krutak – Tattoo Anthropologist

13 Sadistic Women’s Beauty Treatments

The Boy Who Cried Dead Girlfriend – Vanity Fair

Theorizing About Myth – Robert Alan Segal

Personal Narrative and the Life Story by Dan P McAdams

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