Episode 56: Snuff Films Do Not Exist!

We’ve all heard whispered rumors about snuff films, films so dark, so depraved, that real actors were actually killed on screen just for the sake of entertainment. We’ve also heard the resolute denial that such things happen from the most worldly of our know-it-all acquaintances. Somewhere between those two well known rumors lies the truth, and you know what they say about the truth, don’t you? It’s often more terrifying than fiction. Such is the case this week on Just A Story because we will be looking at unnerving murderers who documented their own crimes, from the Glamour Girl Slayer, Harvey Glatman; to the Boneyard Killers, Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, to a star-struck Canadian psychopath Lucca Magnotta. In addition to a our meandering tour of True Crime Alley, we’ll be speaking to Holly Kingstown, a real life insider from the industry about how snuff and have been unjustly conflated in the modern imagination. We’ll be exploring the cinematic history of gore and sexploitation flicks and the way those genres helped build the myth of snuff, as well.  We’ll also try to pin down a somewhat official definition of ‘snuff’ and see if we can find any real world examples of the stuff.  Join us as we dare to explore the world of snuff, where life is cheap!

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Guest Storyteller:

Heidi Joy – Holly Kingstown

Heidi on twitter 

Harvey Glatman – The Glamour Girl Slayer

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Snuff (1976)


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5 thoughts on “Episode 56: Snuff Films Do Not Exist!

  1. I just found your podcast and love it! Though I question in this episode about calling War of the Worlds a found footage piece since it is supposed to be a live news report.
    A much better example is a radio show ten years later. Ghost Hunt is an episode about a radio dj who goes into a haunted house and disappears and they listen to the discarded recording later. It’s never clear what truly happened but played very well.


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