Episode 63: Better Angels of Our Nature

Angels are an intriguing idea. They’re ethereal beings who are like us, but maybe, just a little better than we are. They have our best interests at heart, they have wings, and they have a direct line to the supernatural, or the divine, or the universal forces beyond our control. So, that’s cool, but perhaps we’ve missed a step. What, pray tell, is an angel, exactly? Join us on this romp through the wilds of history, as we search for the answer to this seemingly simple question. From fierce, fiery warriors with four faces, to chubby winged-baby putti, there are a lot of different ways to understand the amorphous idea of the angel. We’ll examine angel symbolism and iconography in art through the ages, and discuss the origins of belief in guardian angels, specifically. We’ll also analyze the story of the Angel of Mons, a battlefield apparition that occurred during the Great War; its historical origins, and the incredible rapidity of its spread. We conclude with a discussion of the protective, guardian alter that sometimes appears in cases of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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imageGuest Storyteller: DeWayne Feenstra

Twitter: @DeWayneFeenstra

Check out DeWayne’s comic series: The Adventures of Aero-Girl

Angel Art Gallery

A History of Angels (Including Modern Angel Healing)


The Angel Warriors at Mons: An Authentic Record by Ralph Shirley – Editor of “The Occult Review”

The Angels of Mons: The Bowmen and Other Legends of the War by Arthur Machen – 1915

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The Rationale of the Angel Warriors at Mons, During the Retreat by John J. Pearson – circa 1915

Iconic Angels in Art History | AnOther

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Angels in Art – Trivium Art History

Our Favorite Art Historical Baby Heads – Art Docent Program

The Divinely-Revealed Appearance of Angels in Icons | A Reader’s Guide to Orthodox Icons

Why are there female angels in art? | Christian History

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Early Christian Representations of Angels

Journal of the Society for Psychical Research. : Society for Psychical Research (Great Britain) : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Ex-FBI Officer Claims She Saw a ‘Field of Angels’ Guarding the Flight 93 Crash Site on 9/11 – TheBlaze

‘Angels’ to block Westboro Baptist Church’s protest at Orlando memorial – SFGate

The Catholic Encyclopedia: An International Work of Reference – Charles Herbermann

3 Types Of Angels Are With You | Doreen Virtue – Official Angel Therapy Website

Evaluating Today’s Angel Craze (by Ron Rhodes)


Benois Madonna – by Leonardo da Vinci

History of the Halo in Art | Alberti’s Window

Holy Spirit | splendor catholicae veritatis

Byzantium – AP Art History with Mrs. Westby at Appleton West High School – StudyBlue

Pope Francis and the Pallia – Papa Francis

Closer to Van Eyck

Detailed Analysis of Immaculate Conception Iconography

Multiple Personality Disorder – Demons and Angels or Archetypal aspects of the inner self

Alters in Dissociative Identity Disorder (MPD) and DDNOS

Sims’ Symptoms in the Mind: An Introduction to Descriptive Psychopathology By Femi Oyebode

Summoning a punishing angel: treatment of a depressed patient with dissociative features – Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic

Persecutory Alters and Ego States: Protectors Friends and Allies

Multiple Personality Disorder with Human and Non Human Subpersonality Components

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3 thoughts on “Episode 63: Better Angels of Our Nature

  1. Another great episode!!
    I was little disappointed when Sam did not do the ‘mean girl version history regarding the battle of Mon’! I really enjoyed when you summarized WW2 that way before, so I hoped you would do that again! (I am not joking) lol. Other than that I loved the show 😀
    It was very interesting episode, thank you for another fabulous story!
    P.S, Could you please tell me how to embed your beautiful artworks for each episodes into each podcast mp3 files as an album art?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! Im sure there will be many more mean girl summaries to come. I figured out how to upload the image on the Blog Talk Radio player, but unfortunately Itunes doesnt have that feature. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll do that from now on.


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