Episode 64: The Many Faces of the Antichrist: The Omen

This week, we’re asking, is it just a movie? We will be taking a look at the 1976 horror classic, “The Omen.” Like many movies in this genre, there is an incredible amount of lore about the making of the film itself. Also, like many now classic scary movies; this one has its own curse. We’ll be checking out the many claims made about the purported “Omen” curse, and offering what we can in the way of historical verification. But when presented with a story full of such rich subject matter as the end times and the antichrist; we’d be crazy not to explore the legends that fueled the plot of the film, as well. We will learn all about the history of the antichrist concept, various suspected antichrists throughout history, and conclude by examining the ways these interpretations of religious text have shaped today’s political climate and cultural landscape. Join us this week as we look at those who bear the mark of the beast.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 64: The Many Faces of the Antichrist: The Omen

  1. Hi.

    Just so you know. You interpretation of Judaism is kind of offensive. This is not the only time I witnessed this. which troubles me because I am Jewish and I love your pod-cast.


    1. I’m really sorry you feel this way, and I would be very willing to listen to your specific issues with our coverage. Would you please email me at justastorypod@gmail.com, so we can have a conversation and we can correct this in the future. It’s absolutely not intentional, and I sincerely apologize.


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