Episode 67: We’ll Say I Do, and Never Be Lonely Anymore: The Lost Bride

The story of ‘The Lost Bride’, sometimes called ‘The Mistletoe Bride’, blurs the line between classic folklore and urban legend. It’s one of the older stories that still finds relevancy and wide transmissions today. Transmitted as a series of ballads, poems and scary stories, it has reached audiences in a variety of ways for centuries. In this episode we’ll discuss the rich history and possible origins of this old tale.  We will also be exploring unlucky wedding traditions, and the origins of some of the practices still widely seen in nuptial ceremonies today.  Join us as we explore real ill-fated brides, ghost brides (and grooms) from other cultures, and the Victorian preoccupation with death and the marriage ceremony.

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The Mistletoe Bough – BFI


A Brief History of the Most Common Wedding Traditions

Roman Wedding Traditions Used Today | Latin Language Blog

Sexuality in Greek and Roman Society and Literature: A Sourcebook – Marguerite Johnson, Terry Ryan

Marriage (Gamos) in Ancient Greece

Superstitions – Myths – Legends – Folklore – Omens – Lucks – Sayings

Brides, Inc.: American Weddings and the Business of Tradition – Vicki Howard

Bride Ales and Penny Weddings: Recreations, Reciprocity, and Regions in … – R. A. Houston

Woman DIES During “Trash the Dress” Photo Shoot. Literally. This Is Insanely Sad. (And Fair Warning, For Anyone Who Plans on Trashing Her Wedding Dress Near Water.) | Glamour

Bride falls to her death posing for wedding photos on waterfall in Canada | Public Radio International

“Trash the Dress”: Wedding Conventions and Resistance

The Rutland Magazine and County Historical Record – George Phillips

The Somerset Coast by Charles G. Harper – 1909

Stories of Famous Songs – Shafto Justin Adair Fitz-Gerald

Bride killed in helicopter horror crash as big wedding entrance to surprise groom goes horribly wrong

Angela Carter: New Critical Readings

Dangerous Bodies: Historicising the Gothic Corporeal – Marie Mulvey-Roberts

Wedding Superstitions: Signs of Good & Bad Luck – Superstition Dictionary

Marriage Superstitions

The Rectory

Signs, Omens and Superstitions by Astra Cielo – 1918

Superbrides: Wedding Consumer Culture and the Construction of Briday Identity by Sharon Boden

Dearly Departed: The Treatment of the Corpses of Sweetheart by Aubrey L.C. Mishou – United States Naval Academy; Old Dominion University

Consumerism, Romance and the Wedding Experience by Sharon Boden

Dying with a Vengeance: Dead Brides and the Death Fetish in T.L. Beddoes by Diane Long Hoeveler – Marquette University

10 Unorthodox forms of Marriage

Until Death Do Us Part – John Borneman – American Ethnologist

Grave Vows: A Cross-Cultural Examination of the Varying forms of Ghost Marriage among Five Societies Lucas J. Schwartze

Sex and Marriage –  Palomar College

China’s Ghost Weddings and Why they can be deadly – BBC

Woman Uses diamond ring to escape being buried alive – ABC news

Marwell Hall

“Buy Me a Bride”: Death and Exchange in Northern Japanese Bride-Doll Marriage – Ellen Schattschneider – American Ethnologist

The fall and rise of mannequins that look like real women – BBC News

La Pascualita – The Lineup

Hemings and Jefferson Together Forever?


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