Episode 72: Body Under the Bed, Skeleton in the Closet

There’s something so haunting about the classic urban legend that describes the horror of discovering a body under your hotel bed. Well, maybe it’s more haunting to imagine not discovering it. Is it the grotesque artifact or pall of complicity that we fear? Join us this week as we take a look at some real life cases of bodies hidden under beds, behind closed doors or locked in trunks that are just too strange to be made up. We’ll discuss the cases of Dixie Shanahan and Dorian Corey and search for the stories that created their legendary endings.


Dorian Corey in Paris is Burning

Colleen Stan Case News Clippings:

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Woman describes staying in motel room where body was found

Man Guilty In Murder Of Woman Found Under Motel Bed


Skeleton in the Closet

The meaning and origin of the expression: A skeleton in the closet

Phrase of the week: to have a skeleton in the cupboard


The Drag Queen That Had a Mummy in Her Closet – New York Magazine

A Famous Drag Queen, a Mummy in the Closet, and a Baffling Mystery

Deceased Drag-Show Star Leaves Mummy, Mystery Behind In Closet – The Seattle Times

Dorian Corey Is Dead; A Drag Film Star, 56-NYT

Review/Film; Aching to Be a Prima Donna, When You’re a Man – NYT

Battered Woman Syndrome – Cornell

Hitchhiker kept as sex slave for seven years as ‘Girl in the Box’ – NY Daily News

Woman who was raped and tortured every day for seven years says she would ‘go somewhere else’ in her mind to cope with ordeal | The Independent

Cameron Hooker, who kidnapped a young hitchhiker and held her for SEVEN years denied parole | Daily Mail Online

Seven years of torture: A survivor’s story | khou.com

Colleen Stan was kept captive in a box for SEVEN YEARS and only brought out to be raped and tortured

Colleen Stan, the ‘Girl in the Box,’ Speaks 40 Years After Being Held Captive

Vilsack commutes Dixie Shanahan Duty’s sentence for murdering abusive husband

US IA: Governor Wants Review Of Sentencing Guidelines

A Domestic Abuse Survivor on Why Reaching for a Gun Was Never an Option

Unspeakable Subjects: Feminist Essays in Legal and Social Theory – Nicola Lacey

Paladin Services

The Punishment of Dixie Shanahan: Is There Justice for Battered Women Who Kill by Leigh Goodmark – Kansas Law Review

When Battered Women Kill by Angela Browne

Female Tactics and Strategies of Intimate Partner Violence: A Study of Incident Reports by Russell E. Ward, Jr. and John P. Muldoon

Addressing Intimate Partner Violence in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Patients by Kevin L. Are, MD and Harvey J. Mackadon, MD

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