Episode 84: Betcha on Land They Understand: Mermaids

Join us this week for a special broadcast from under the sea! We will be exploring the long history of people who live underwater and the various purported forms they’ve taken throughout history. From fish, to dolphins, to seals and even walruses; the human/animal hybrids who populate the seven seas are incredibly diverse, and we will discuss them all right here! Let’s see if we can’t figure out why the world has been, and continues to be, so enamored with mermaids and their mythic kin while we’re here. (And maybe make some fish puns).



Mermaid Killed in Benbecula, Scotland – Alexander Carmichael, 1900

How Did Manatees Inspire Mermaid Legends? – Nat Geo

The Murky Tale of John Smith and the Mermaid – Smithsonian

Mermaids Are Real: Columbus, Shakespeare, and Pliny the Elder – The Epoch Times

Mermaids & Mermen: Facts & Legends – Live Science

Sacred Monsters: Mysterious and Mythical Creatures of Scripture, Talmud and … By Nosson Slifkin

A Voyage from Leith to Lapland: Or, Pictures of Scandinavia in 1850, Volume 2 By William Hurton

Fantastically Wrong: The Murderous, Sometimes Sexy History of the Mermaid – Wired

The Gazette of the Union, Golden Rule, and Odd Fellows’ Family …, Volume 11

USC Dornsife Scientific Diving: Palauan Mermaids – Scientific Americans

Palauan Legends

How 13th-Century “Mermaid Bones” Came to Be Displayed in a Japanese Temple

Doomed Queens: Royal Women Who Met Bad Ends, From Cleopatra to Princess Di By Kris Waldherr

Russian Folk Belief By Linda J. Ivanits

Mother Russia: The Feminine Myth in Russian Culture By Joanna Hubbs

Seirenes – Theoi Project – Greek Mythology

Excerpt Dolphins by Chris Catton

Early Christians and Animals By Robert M. Grant

Speculum Mundi

The Selkie-folk – Orkneyjar

Selkie and Fin – One in the Same? – Orkneyjar

Mermaid Accounts and Sightings – Orkneyjar

Mysterious Creatures: A Guide to Cryptozoology by George M Eberhart

Dioramas of Girlhood: The Faerie Recast – Kamayani

9 Ways The Original ‘Little Mermaid’ By Hans Christian Andersen is Actually Seriously Disturbing – Bustle

Hans Christian Anderson and the Feminist Perspective

Pain, Humanity, and Ascension: Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Little Mermaid” – Mari Ness

“The Little Mermaid:” a Commentary on Marriage and Women in Patriarchy

The Uses of Enchantment Though he was homely and uneducated, Hans Christian Andersen maintained a steadfast belief in his own destiny. By Brooke Allen – NYT

Excerpts from My Dear Boy: Gay Love Letters through the Centuries (1998), Edited by Rictor Norton

Anderson’s Love Letter – The Ferkel

Feminist Appropriations of Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ and the Ways in which Stereotypes of Women are Subverted or Sustained in Selected Works Linda Ann Mostert

Queer Subtext in The Little Mermaid, From Hans Christian Andersen’s Original to Disney’s Adaptation

The Feminist Legacy of The Little Mermaid’s Divisive, ‘Sexy’ Ariel – The Atlantic

The Goodman o’ Wastness

The Finnfolk Text of a public talk Dr Andrew Jennings gave at the Shetland Museum 25th of March 2010


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