Episode 90: Thoughts and Memories of Ravens

What is it about ravens that captures the collective imagination? With their prominence in so many cultures, and importance in so many legends the raven is an iconic symbol, and revered, though sometimes feared, creature the world over. Join us this week as we search for answers to questions to the riddles of ravens? We’ll ask; what happens if they leave the Tower of London? Is the raven a symbol of good, or evil? And, just how smart are they?


ep 90

The CIA’s Most Highly-Trained Spies Weren’t Even Human = Smithsonian

Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’: Mystery Solved

Birds Of A Feather Spy Together – NPR

Using ravens for reconnaissance and cats for eavesdropping

Spy Birds

Eyes in the Sky: A Short History of Bird Spies – Audubon

Corvid Research

Huginn and Muninn

Tower’s raven mythology may be a Victorian flight of fantasy – Guardian

Despite their small brains, ravens and crows may be just as clever as chimps, research suggests

Why Did Noah Send out a Raven? R. W. L. Moberly

Crow (Waa Wahn)

Bran – Britannica

Coronis (Koronis) – Theoi Project

Surah Al-Ma’idah

Friend or Foe? Crows Never Forget a Face, It Seems – NYT

A Murder of Crows The Crow and the Caveman – Nature PBS

10 Fascinating Facts About Ravens – Mental Floss

6 Terrifying Ways Crows Are Way Smarter Than You Think – Cracked


The Tower Ravens: Invented Tradition, Fakelore, or Modern Myth? Boria Sax

13 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From the Ravenmaster at the Tower of London – Mental Floss

Quite interesting facts about the Tower of London – Telegraph

Exclusive: Could the legend come true? Tower of London raven allowed to fly free – Telegraph

The Guardians of the Tower

Raven in Mythology

No, It’s Not Actually a Murder of Crows

Multiliteracies: Beyond Text and the Written Word edited by Eugene F. Provenzo, Jr, Amanda Goodwin, Miriam Lipsky, Sheree Sharpe

So that’s why they call it the crow’s nest – Daily Mail

Portugal’s Saint Vincent and the Crows

The Crow’s Nest – The World of the Written Word

Scoresby Family Papers

The Arctic voyages of William Scoresby – TallBloke

William Scoresby Senior – Arctic

Russian ‘spy’: a ‘swallow’ came to spy on us – The Telegraph

IQ Zoo

Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie: An Illustrated History – The Hairpin

Four & Twenty Blackbirds – History Undressed

Talking Turkey – Cincinnati Magazine

The Tlingit People

Folk-lore in the Old Testament: Studies in Comparative Religion …, Volume 1 By Sir James George Frazer

Superstition in English Life – T. F. Thiselton Dyer

Raven Stories – Indigenous People

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