Episode 99: Like a Wolf, but Not a Wolf: The Loup Garou

It’s ‘I Put a Spell on You’ Month all October! Happy Halloween!!

There is an ancient legend that proclaims: “Darkness falls across the land/ The midnight hour is close at hand/ And whosoever shall be found/ Without the soul for getting down/ Must stand and face the hounds of hell/ And rot inside a corpse’s shell/ The foulest stench is in the air/ The funk of forty thousand years/ And grizzly ghouls from every tomb/ Are closing in to share your doom/ And though you fight to stay alive/ Your body starts to shiver/ For no mere mortal can resist/ The evil of the thriller.” Or maybe that’s a Michael Jackson song, I can never remember. At any rate, prepare to stand and face the hounds of hell, this week we are talking werewolves! That’s right from Lycanthropy, to the Beast of Gevaudan, to Rabies and the scientific superhero Louis Pasteur; we will be asking if this legend’s bark is as bad as its bite.

Ep 99




Rabid: A Cultural History of the World’s Most Diabolical Virus by Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy


Supernatural Lore of Pennsylvania: Ghosts, Monsters and Miracles edited by Thomas White

The Legend of ‘Dog Boy’ – Arkansas Online

Top 5 urban legends from Quebec, including tales of a flying canoe and werewolf

New Orleans Ghosts – Paranormal & Occult Research Society

Rougarou keeps its claws in local lore – Houma Today

Monsters and myths: Beware the ‘loup-garou’ – CBC

Encyclopedia of American Folklore By Linda S. Watts

Cajun and Creole Folktales: The French Oral Tradition of South Louisiana by Barry Jean Ancelet

Rougarou Fest -Houma La

8 Surprising Facts And Lore About Werewolves That Will Make You Leave The Lights On – Thought Catalog

Beastly Burdens: Investigating The Menacing Loup-Garou, Quebec’s Werewolf – Week in Weird

Metamorphoses – Ovid

Beast: Werewolves, Serial Killers, and Man-Eaters: The Mystery of the Monsters of the Gévaudan SR Schwalb and Gustavo Sanchez Romero

The Big Bad Wolf – Skeptic

Do you believe in spirits? – The Sun Times

Monsters of the Gévaudan: The Making of a Beast By Jay M. Smith

The Beast of Gevaudan – Dark Stories

Just What WAS the Beast of Gevaudan? – John Knifton

“I Would Have Eaten You Too”: Werewolf Legends in the Flemish Dutch and German Areas – Willem de Blecourt, Folklore

Theory of the Sadist

Sherlock Holmes and the Beast of Gevaudan

Crying wolf: the Bête du Gévaudan – British Library

The Beast of Gevaudan: the Napoleon Bonaparte of Wolves

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