Episode 100: Vodou Crossroads

As we celebrate a true milestone moment, our 100th episode, we would like to invite you all to join us in exploring a cultural crossroads that has inspired our love of stories from the beginning. Join us this week as we discuss Vodou, the lore and legend which surrounds it and it’s deep connections to the island of Haiti. Did the revolution truly begin with a blood sacrifice? Are zombies real? What’s a lwa? Was Duvalier a dictator or something more terrible still? Did Vodou have something to do with the 2010 earthquake? We can’t promise we’ll have all the answers, but we will certainly have some fantastic stories, and they’re certainly not Just A Story.

Guest Story Teller: The Curator of Audio Dime Museum https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/audio-dime-museum-carnivale/id1096211271?mt=2

Ep 100

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Original Lwa artwork by Saundra Elise Ziyatdinova. Her other work can be seen at:  https://erzulieredeyes.wordpress.com/



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