Episode 105: Snow Nor Rain, Nor Gloom of Night: Post Boy Road and The Pony Express

Delivering mail is not exciting. It’s certainly not fascinating. No, It’s definitely not in the business of providing thrills and changing history. And while you may not have picked up on my tone, I am being sarcastic; surprisingly enough. The story of mail delivery is the story of ideas being shared. So, from the early days of colonial era, the post boys who ran along the post roads were essential to, well, uniting the states. It’s no wonder that those struck down on the job, not having fulfilled their all important mission were never able to Rest In Peace. Join us this week as we examine the legend of Ohio’s Post Boy Road and the way mail delivery evolved into the grand experiment that has become a Wild West icon, the Pony Express.


Ep 105

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Local history: The confession and death of young John Funston

Haunted Tuscarawas County By Debra Robinson

Historical Collections of Coshocton County, Ohio: A Complete Panorama of the … By William Ellis Hunt

Tribally Approved American Indian Ethnographic Analysis of the Proposed Delamar Valley Solar Energy Zone

Native American Legends: Water Babies

Is the lake pictured on every iPad secretly CURSED by the ghosts of disabled babies who were thrown into its waters because they wouldn’t survive? Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2655089/Is-lake-pictured-iPad-secretly-CURSED-ghosts-disabled-babies-thrown-waters-wouldnt-survive.html#ixzz4yHT9mLUP Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook – Daily Mail

The Mysteries of Nevada’s Cursed Pyramid Lake Brent Swancer – Mysterious Universe

Narrative of the life of James Allen, The Highway Man – Boston Athenaeum

The Quest to Discover the World’s Books Bound in Human Skin – Mental Floss

Narrative of the life of James Allen : alias George Walton, alias Jonas Pierce, alias James H. York, alias Burley Grove, the highwayman : being his death-bed confession, to the warden of the Massachusetts State Prison – Boston Athenaeum – Peruse the Book

Levi Pease, Stage Route and Transportation Innovator – Connecticut History

The Boston Post Road: A Path Through History

Francis Lovelace Founds the Boston Post Road in 1673 – New England Historical Society

A History of the Town of Duxbury, Massachusetts, with Genealogical Registers By Justin Winsor

Haunted Boston: Famous Phantoms, Sinister Sites, and Lingering Legends By Taryn Plumb

Curse of the Tree of Knowledge, Duxbury By Patrick Browne

Sarah Kemble Knight Rides the Boston Post Road. Alone. In 1704.

The Boston Post Road Historical Markers That Get The Facts Wrong – New England Historical Society

How the Post Road wrote New England’s history – Boston Globe

Historian finds Pony Express ad by Don Thompson – AP

The Pony Express and Haunted Hollenberg Station

Pony Bob by Russell Alan Spreeman – American Cowboy – 2012

The Pony Express – True West Magazine

Legends of America – Rock Creek

The Pony Express Stations of Utah in Historical Perspective – 1979 – Cultural Resources Series, Monograph 2 – Bureau of Land Management

Wild Bill by George Ward Nichols for Harper’s New Monthly Magazine – February 1867 – Hosted at Legends of America

Stories of Old Nevada – Pony Bob Haslam – Elko Daily

The Saga of the Pony Express by Joseph J. DiCerto

The Journal of Madame Knight by Sarah Kemble Knight



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