Episode 107: Warring Worlds of Media: Dear David

Each time a new media technology arises, people fear what it will mean for our culture. It’s as if the new platform threatens to melt away all our credulity and healthy skepticism melt away in the burning rapture of our wonderment. Whether it’s genre fiction, radio, television or social media – we were told to approach with caution when each arrived on the scene. But once in a generation a piece of fiction comes along that takes that apprehension, the unfamiliarity of a new medium, and clever storytelling and captures lightning in a bottle. Is this the case in the Twitter phenomenon known as Dear David? Join us this week as we explore the powerful ways media has blurred the lines between fantasy and reality throughout history.

ep 107

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Nakajima Park

My Apartment Is Being Haunted By The Ghost Of A Dead Child And I’m Not Sure What To Do – Buzzfeed

The Myth of the War of the Worlds Panic – Slate

Orson Welles and History’s First Viral-Media Event – Vanity Fair

War of the Worlds – National Archives

Getting It Wrong: Debunking the Greatest Myths in American Journalism By W. Joseph Campbell Ch2 Fright Beyond Measure?

Boon of ‘Blair Witch’: Found Footage and the Epistolary Novel

Lonelygirl15 Creators Nightline Interview

War of the Worlds Newspaper Clippings

The surprising story of ‘Found Footage’ films. – Andrew Keith Walker

Why People Watch Reality TV Reiss and Wiltz, Media Psychology

Audience inter/active: Interactive media, narrative control and reconceiving audience history Rob Cover New Media Society

Lonelygirl15 – LGpedia

The Lonelygirl That Really Wasn’t – NYT

Mystery fuels huge popularity of web’s Lonelygirl15 – LA Times

Lonelygirl15: how one mysterious vlogger changed the internet – The Guardian

Was The Blair Witch Project the last great horror film? By Nicholas Barber – BBC – Culture

‘Blair Witch’ Proclaimed First Internet Movie by Bernard Weinraub – NYT News Service – 1999

‘The Blair Witch Project’ Effect: How Found Footage Shaped a Generation of Filmmaking by Dave Trumbore – Collider

Thoughts on Narrative Framing Devices – The King of Elfland’s Second Cousin by Chris Gerwel

Curse of the Blair Witch – Variety

Curse of the Blair Witch – Blair Witch Wiki

Forgotten Silver – Full Movie with Spanish Subtitles

Edgar Lee Masters – The Poetry Foundation

Clips From the Opening:

War of the Worlds Audio

Dear David Ghost Caught On Camera In TERRIFYING Photos

Dear David is coming for me

CREEPIEST THING OF 2017 (Dear David, entire story up to date!) – Day with James


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