Episode 108: Hi Walter! It’s The Zodiac Speaking…

Playing detective is all fun and games until you uncover a real clue. Story-lovers have few universal traits. But for the most part, we love a mystery. We love to see disjointed snippets of information begin to form a meaningful picture, so of course we love to think we could solve a real case. And sometimes we get so carried away with that idea that we end up creating a brand new fiction. Join us this week as we discuss what went wrong with ‘Hi, Walter’ and decrypt some mysteries surrounding other Youtube mysteries like ‘Deeper’. But really. Our main question, though, is: was the Zodiac Killer just a story?

Can You Solve The Cipher?

ep 108









KPIX Eyewitness News report September 30th 1969

I wrote the Anarchist Cookbook in 1969. Now I see its premise as flawed William Powell

The Great Zodiac Killer Hoax of 1986 – Tom Horan

Zodiac Killer – Tom Voigt

Zodiac Killer Facts – Image Gallery

340 Cipher Webtoy

Paul Avery’s S.F. Articles – Chronological

S.F Chronicle Articles – Chronological

The Zodiac Killer: A Timeline – Michael Butterfield – History

Zodiac Ciphers – Richard Grinell

Paul Avery, Longtime Newspaper Reporter – SF Gate

A Brief History of People Who Claimed To Know the Zodiac Killer’s Identity – The Atlantic

Is This Horrifying YouTube Video Linked to the Disappearance of a Teenage Girl? – Gizmodo

Hi Walter! I got a new gf today! (APOLOGY) by TheGeminiTIGER – Imgur

Disappeared – The Last Summer – Investigation Discovery

Gymnast, 15, missing after ride with brother’s friend – Nancy Grace

Disturbing Video Investigated in Case of Missing Teen Was Fake: Police

Hoax tape tricked Ripper police – BBC News

The Yorkshire Ripper – Keith Brannen

2012 FBI Zodiac Files Release

ASCII to Hex … and other free text conversion tools

YouTube Channel Points to Actual Murders – Deeper by ReignBot

Deeper YouTube Channel

Cipher Types – American Cryptogram Association

Cipher Machines – Types of Ciphers

Zodiac by Robert Graysmith

Zodiac (2007) – David Fincher

FBI – Vault – Zodiac Files (2007 Release – Part 1 of 6)

This is the Zodiac Speaking – 2007 Documentary



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