Episode 110: One More Story: It’s Not a Clip Show

This week we put together some new stories that tie to some of our early episodes. We really just wanted to send the year out by looking back at what we’ve put together so far, and finding even more to explore. Maybe we all just want to catch our breath before we dive headlong into a whole new year. So we’ve taken the opportunity to revisit the stories we missed and the things that have changed since we finished these episodes. We also wanted to thank our listeners, so we’ve included some new stories from the episodes that you told us were your favorites. Join us as we re-explore the satanic panic, the sausage king of Chicago, hotel mysteries, Bluebeard. Killer clowns, organ theft and of course; Nazi cows.

ep 110





Pakistani police rescue 24 from organ trafficking gang – BBC

Gilles de Rais was innocent

A father put on a clown mask to punish his 6-year-old. Now he’s charged with inducing panic. – WaPo

‘Killer Clowns’: Inside the Terrifying Hoax Sweeping America – Rolling Stone

Creepy Clown Sightings in South Carolina Cause a Frenzy – NYTs

Ahead of Halloween, Austin Schools Besieged With Menacing Clown Threats

The Modern Movement to Exonerate a Notorious Medieval Serial Killer – Atlas Obscura

Are the Spider Eggs Used to Fill Beanie Babies Hatching – Snopes

The Trunk Murders and ‘Sausage Ghost’ of 1920s New Orleans – Atlas Obscura

Gumbo Ya-Ya: A Collection of Louisiana Folk Tales

A Lifetime on Deadline: Self-portrait of a Southern Journalist By George William Healy

Death at the Morticians’ Convention: Murders of Rose Burkert and Roger Atkison 1980 – Iowa Unsolved Murders: Historic Cases

Iowa Cold Cases – Rose Z. Burkert and Roger E. Atkinson

St. Joseph News – Rumors Surround 1980 Killings by R.J. Cooper – Sept 20, 2009

Satanists Call for Investigation into ‘Satanic Panic’ Killing of 8-Year-Old Boy – Broadly-Vice by Sophie Saint Thomas

Gigi Jordan Convicted of Manslaughter, Not Murder, in Son’s Killing – NYT – Nov 5, 2014 by James C McKinley, Jr.

The millionaire mom who poisoned her autistic son and called it a mercy killing – Washington Post – May 29, 2015 by Sarah Kaplan

Woman Testifies She Tried to Revive Her Dying Son – NYT – Oct 9, 2014 by James C. McKinley, Jr.

Gigi Jordan Explains what Drove her to Kill Her 8-year-old Son and Attempt Suicide – New York Daily News

Gigi Jordan Found Guilty of Manslaughter – New York Times – November 6, 2014

The Zookeeper’s Wife – History vs. Hollywood

A Natural History of Terrible Things – The Zookeeper’s Wife – Review – Washington Post – September 16, 2007

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