Episode 111: Larger Than Life: Giants

Why do we like to imagine that the world was once full of giants? All cultures seem to have a version of a myth or legend that mentions that how much bigger our ancestors were once upon a time. Is it the idea that our human history was once part of something bigger and more fantastic? Sure, that is basically all nostalgia is, when you put it like that. But why have people believed it? Why have generations of people in every region of the globe, at some point in time *believed* that there were giants upon the earth in those days? That’s what we will be exploring this week, the evidence of giants and what people believed about them. Join us as we discuss The Postdam Grenadiers, Greek hero cults, circus giants, a notorious discovery made in Cardiff, New York, and a real life love story of epic proportions.

ep 111





Prehistoric Giants of France and Spain

A Race of Giants in Old Gaul – The London Globe

The Tragic Story of Charles Byrne “The Irish Giant”

The Saga Of The Irish Giant’s Bones Dismays Medical Ethicists – NPR

In a Giant’s Story, a New Chapter Writ by His DNA – NYTs

English Giants – Mostly Medieval

10 Mythical Giants From Around the World – Mental Floss

The New Encyclopedia of Islam By Cyril Glassé, Huston Smith

Uber – Albalagh

Giant Skeleton Hoax – Hoax Slayer

Giant Skeletons Seem Too Real To Be A Hoax

“Skeleton of Giant” Is Internet Photo Hoax – Nat Geo

Secrets of the Sideshows – Joe Nickell

Articles About Martin Van Buren Bates – Genealogy – Roots Web

Anna Haining Swan – The Tallest Man: A Giant Website

The Cardiff Giant – Hoaxes.org

Ripley’s Believe It or Not – Cardiff Giant

The Cardiff Giant Fooled the Nation – History in Headlines

Smithsonian – Smart News – The Cardiff Giant

Johann Petursson and His Giant Rings – Sideshow World



A Prussian King Once Tried To Make An Army of Giants

Potsdamer Riesengarde “Lange Kerls”

Potsdam Giants – The Prussian Infantry Regiment That Exclusively Inducted ‘Very Tall’ Male Candidates – Realm of History


Peculiar Rulers: Frederick and his Tall Blokes

The Potsdam Giants: How the King of Prussia ‘bred’ an army of super soldiers

Legendary giants celebrated in Seville



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