Episode 113: I’m The Prettiest! Mardi Gras Indians

Everything you’ve ever heard about New Orleans Mardi Gras is true. The floats, the beads, the craven apocalypse party – that is all there. What’s more surprising, is that there are parts of Mardi Gras that you haven’t heard of. Join us this week as we explore the secretive culture of the Mardi Gras Indians, and their role in creating the unique character of the city.

Ep 113





Want to Use My Suit? Then Throw Me Something – Campbell Robertson – NYT – 2010

Mardi Gras Indians: A New Orleans Tradition – CNN – 2015

He’s The Prettiest: A Tribute To Big Chief Allison “Tootie” Montana’s 50 Years Of Mardi Gras Indian Suiting – Folklife in Louisiana

Mardi Gras Indians: can cultural appropriations occur on the margins – Native Appropriations

Mardi Gras Indian Queens stake their claim to an essential role in a singular New Orleans tradition – MardiGras.com

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Chief Tootie Montana Dies of a Heart Attack at a City Council Meeting

Danny Barker – My Indian Red (Mardi Gras Indian song example, comments, lyrics) Edited by Azizi Powell – Pancocojams

Sew pretty: Studying Mardi Gras Indian culture suits Behrman Charter students just fine – New Orleans Advocate – 2017

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93-year-old Mardi Gras Indian still sewing after 80 years – NOLA.com

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Mardi Gras Indian Queens stake their claim to an essential role in a singular New Orleans tradition

Mardi Gras Indians: can cultural appropriation occur on the margins? – Native Appropriations


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