Episode 114: Working Class Heroes: Paul Bunyan & Co

American tall tales are an odd branch of the folkloric family tree. Younger than fairy tales, but older than urban legends; they seem to have descended into a kind of awkward adolescence around the end of WWII. Yes, they’re stuck at the kids’ table within the collective unconscious, and they totally don’t get their younger cousins’ pop culture references. How did this happen? Who decided we needed tall tales in the first place? What has become of American Mythology today? Join us this week as we set out on a mission to define the American character, and when we are done; we’re going to Disneyland.





Weird Minnesota: Your Travel Guide to Minnesota’s Local Legends and Best … By Eric Dregni

Febold Feboldson: Tall Tales from the Great Plains edited by Paul R. Beath

A Popular ’40s Map of American Folklore Was Destroyed by Fears of Communism – Atlas Obscura

All of America’s folk heroes, in one map – Vox

Kemp Morgan (legendary superhuman oil driller) – The Big Apple

American Folklore: An Encyclopedia edited by Jan Harold Brunvand

Mike Fink’s Rival by John Thompson (The Sissy…)

Joe Magarac – Pennsylvania Jack

Joe Magarac, a legendary Croatian steel worker in the USA

The Saga of Joe Magarac: Steelman by Owen Francis

Pennsylvania Folklore… or is it Fakelore?

In an Era of Hyperbole, Paul Bunyan Is as Tall as Ever – NYTs

“Heroes” Ancestry magazine Mar-Apr 2003

Paul Bunyan His story

Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods

Paul Bunyan – Wisconsin Historical Society

People re My Landscape – Social Struggle in the Art of William Gropper

American Folklore

The Legend of Tony Beaver

Melting Pot Ceremony at Ford English School, July 4, 1917

Ford Motor Company Sociological Department and English School

America Almost Had a Disney Theme Park with a Slavery Section – Atlas Obscura

Greenfield Village – NPS

The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village

Disney’s Vision for America: Walt Disney and His Dream Through Film and Parks

Walt Disney’s war effort | The Disney Project

The Progress City Primer: Stories, Secrets, and Silliness from the Many Worlds of Walt Disney by Michael Crawford

The Disney Animated Presidential Commercial – Cartoon Research

Eisenhower, an Unlikely Pioneer of TV Ads by Michael Beschloss – The Upshot – New York Times

Walt Liked Ike – Mouse Planet

One President’s Day at Disneyland Park by George Savvas – Disney Parks Blog

Khrushchev barred from visiting Disneyland – This Day in History

‘American Experience: Walt Disney’: Composer Richard Sherman Reflects on His Career – Collider

Historian Susan Douglas – PBS American Experience: Walt Disney’s America

Colonial Williamsburg – History & Citizenship

Knott’s Berry Farm

LIFE Walt Disney: From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom

A Brief History Of Mickey Mouse – TIME

Frontierland by Sarah Perry

Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire: A 500-Year History By Kurt Andersen


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