Episode 116: I Want To Believe: Alien Abductions

So, how do we go from seeing disc in the sky (I hear it was all the rage in 1947); to spending time with aliens on their crafts and being probed? Seems quite a leap, no? Well brothers, sisters and gentle people of earth, it was a long strange trip. Join us this week as we talk about some truly historic abduction stories, like the one that started it all: the Betty & Barney Hill case. We’ll also  discuss whether this type of story is a new imagining of the future, or a deeply hidden memory of a distant past buried under decades of folklore. This episode is all about alien abductions, because, you know, the truth is out there.




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UFO Evidence

The Eyes That Spoke – CSI

Alien Abductions at the Outer Limits – Jason Colavito

NICAP Report – Betty and Barney Hill

Abducted: How People Come to Believe They Were Kidnapped by Aliens By Susan A. Clancy

A Bad Trip Down Memory Lane – NYTs

The Message from Alien Abductees – Inverse Science

“Ask Me Another” conversation with Stephanie Kelley-Romano

Mythmaking in Alien Abduction Narratives Stephanie Kelley-Romano

Explaining Those Vivid Memories of Martian Kidnappers – NYTs

E.T. Culture: Anthropology in Outerspaces edited by Debbora Battaglia

TRAVIS WALTON Author of Fire in the Sky and The Walton Experience

Reworking ‘Fire in the Sky’ – Entertainment Weekly

Sheriff Skeptical of Story – The Victoria Advocate 1975

Fire in the Sky: A Real UFO Abduction? – Skeptic

The Moment of Truth – Travis Walton’s Alien Abduction Lie Detection Test

Ghost Adventures S12E12 Stardust Ranch

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Kidnapped by UFOs – NOVA

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Unidentified Scholarly Subject – Texas Monthly

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Abducted by Aliens, D. L. Ashliman’s folktexts

Boston Traveler Articles on Betty and Barney Hill 


PART 1 – PAGE 1 – Boston_Traveler

PART 1 – PAGE 2 – Boston_Traveler

PART 2-PAGE 1-Boston_Traveler

PART 2 -PAGE 2- Boston_Traveler


PART 3 – PAGE 1 – Boston_Traveler

PART 3 -PAGE 2- Boston_Traveler

PART 4 – PAGE 1 – Boston_Traveler

PART 4 – PAGE 2 – Boston_Traveler

PART 5 – PAGE 1 – Boston_Traveler

PART 5 – PAGE 2 – Boston_Traveler


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