Episode 118: Beyond Belief: Tulpas

What happened to Olivia Mabel? The internet wants to know. Could grief and longing have created an entity that took on thoughts all its own; after the death of her son? Why would anyone believe that could happen? Well, as you might have expected, it’s kind of a long story. Join us this week as we explore the roots of Theosophy and its founder Madame Blavatsky. We will discuss where the belief system drew on Tibetan ideas emanations and where the concept of the tulpa drifted into uncharted territory. Oh. And we’ll talk about that one time in the 70s when some Canadians made a fake ghost… his name was Philip.




Who Killed Olivia Mabel?

When Local Rumour Becomes Legend: What Happened to Olivia Mabel?

The Bizarre and Lonely Death of Olivia Mabel – The Lineup

D. Navarro – Paranormal Investigator

Elf Tree Podcast Network – GMO-livia Mabel

Thoughtform – A Short Horror Film from ElfTree Media – Kickstarter

Alexandra David-Neel’s Adventures in Tibet Fact or Fiction? Braham Norwick The Tibet Journal

Paranormalizing the Popular through the Tibetan Tulpa: Or what the next Dalai Lama, the X Files and Affect Theory (might) have in common – Ben Joffe

Tracking the Tulpa Exploring the “Tibetan” Origins of a Contemporary Paranormal Idea Natasha L. Mikles, Joseph P. Laycock Nova Religio

Magic and Mystery in Tiber – Alexandra David-Neel

Conjuring Up Our Own Gods – T. M. Luhrmann – NYTs

The Lightning Path of Buddhism: The Power of Yidams

Victorian Occultism and the Art of Synesthesia – Benjamin Breen

The Extraordinary Alexandra David-Néel: First European Woman to Travel to the Forbidden City of Lhasa – Sue Aran – Bonjur Paris

Reborn Master of Tibetan Buddhism: a Tulku – ThoughtCo

Reincarnation – His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

Meet the ‘Tulpamancers’: The Internet’s Newest Subculture Is Incredibly Weird – VICE

Varieties of Tulpa Experiences: The Hypnotic Nature of Human Sociality, Personhood, and Interphenomenality – Samuel Veissiere

The Philip Experiment: Conjuring Life From Nothing – Stranger Dimensions

How a Psychical Research Group Brought a Ghost to “Life” – Thought Co.

‘Thought Form’ Experiment – The Darroch-Didier Experiments – Paranormal Studies & Inquiry – Canada

The Philip Experiment – The Living Library

Conjuring Up Philip – Unexplained Mysteries

The Philip Experiment By Scott Fowler

A.R.G. (George) and Iris M. Owen – An Inventory of their records at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Madame Blavatsky: The Woman Behind the Myth – Marion Meade

Theosophy – New Advent

New Horizons Research Foundation Occasional Papers

Poltergeists in Canada – Iris Owen


Blithe Spirits: Science Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts – Scientific American

Tulpa: Not What You Think – Blue Flame Magick

The Philip Experiment – Can You Create Your Own Haunting? – Paranormal New England

Papers on the Philip Experiment and Audio Phenomena – New Horizons Journal

Laboratory Research on a Presumably PK-Gifted Subject – Gimeno, Burgo, Journal of Scientific Exploration

Philip Psychokinesis Experiments – Psi-encyclopedia



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