Episode 123: Who Watches the Watchers: Shadow People

Shadow People are an international phenomenon. As far as paranormal experiences go, seeing a fleeting dark figure in you peripheral vision, or waking up to a sensation of being unable to move as a dark figure stares at you, or seeing a dark silhouette in a spooky building; are very common happenings. However there is definitely more to these mysterious entities than meets the eye. Join us this week as we discuss the particulars of shadow people. From the Dark Watchers of Big Sur, to the Hat Man and his minions, to possible omens associated with true crimes, to the dark influence of Walking Sam on the Pine Ridge Reservation; we will do our best to unravel the seemingly simple question, what are they?

Guest Story Tellers: Our Amazing Listeners

Music Credit: Purple Planet Music




“Walking Sam”, A Urban Legend Like “Slender Man”, Might Be Inciting Multiple Teen Suicides In A South Dakota Lakota Community – Bustle

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Struggles With Suicides Among Its Young – NYTs

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The Ste-ye-hah’ mah (Spirit hidden under the cover of the woods), or the Stick-Shower Indians, or the Stick-Indians.

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Coast to Coast AM – Shadow People

Slenderman and Shadow People – Best of Coast to Coast AM – 3/20/17

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Heidi Hollis


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The Charley Project – Tara Lossett Cossey

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`Stalemate’ in Cases of 4 Missing Girls / Psychologist’s book revives suspicions about Oakland man – SF Gate

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Is an urban legend encouraging South Dakota Sioux teens to take their own lives? – The Daily Dot

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TIL that the Lakota tribe has their own version of the Slenderman legend called “Walking Sam”, who wears a stovepipe hat and tries to make you commit suicide. – Reddit

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Any Thoughts On Cindy Anderson? – Unsolved Mysteries Message Board

I just found out what Shadow People are. I’ve been able to see them since I was 7. – Reddit

There Are Actually Several Classes Of Shadow People, And They All Want Something Different From You – Ranker

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Indian Reservation Reeling in Wave of Youth Suicides and Attempts – NYTs

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Dear Michaela

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