Episode 124: Will Music Save Your Mortal Soul?


Rock and roll is here to stay, and that’s why some truly enduring urban legends have sprung up around the landmark hits and the bands that performed them.  Before there was Instagram, or even MySpace; before AOL instant messenger, before MTV, or John Hughes; before arcades and shopping malls; before all that: there was rock and roll. For teenagers, by teenagers, about teenagers; rock was going to be a voice of its generation for generations to come. Music journalism, festivals and concerts created a true grapevine. So of course, there was gossip, and where there’s gossip, urban legends can grow wild. So join us this week as we explore the true stories behind such classic as “In the Air Tonight,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and the most storied song of the 20th century, “American Pie.” Kick off your shoes, let’s dig those rhythm and blues.


Pop Music Became More Moody in Past 50 Years – Scientific American

Charles Manson’s life as a failed musician, Beach Boys hanger-on and mediocre songwriter – LA Times

Keith Moon Biography

The short life and mysterious death of Bobby Fuller, rock’n’roll king of Texas

Tommy Allsup: Guitarist who avoided Buddy Holly plane crash dies – BBC

The day fiery disaster fell from the sky – LA Times

Buddy Holly Center – City of Lubbock Texas

Ominous Curses and Dark Mysteries of the Musical World – Mysterious Universe

Flashback: How Waylon Jennings Survived the Day the Music Died – Rolling Stone

Coast to Coast AM – R Gary Patterson Interview

Take a Walk on the Dark Side: Rock and Roll Myths, Legends, and Curses – R Gary Patterson

Freddie Mercury Biography

Is This the Real Life?: The Untold Story of Queen By Mark Blake

Freddie Mercury, 45, Lead Singer Of the Rock Band Queen, Is Dead – NYTs

Queen album brings rock to Iran – BBC News

‘Bohemian Rhapsody Was Freddie Mercury’s Coming Out Song’ – Lesley Ann Jones

8 things you didn’t know about ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’


Phil Collins shares the real story behind ‘In the Air Tonight’

Pop Music Study Shows Shift Toward Minor Key Melodies Since 1960

Songs in the key of life: What makes music emotional? – New Scientist

The Story of… ‘In the Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins

The Story of the Rolling Stones Brown Sugar

The History Of ‘Hey Ya!’, As Explained By André 3000

American Pie’s lost verse – The Telegraph

No water, no food, no toilets and security provide by violent, drugged up Hells Angels. But it was Mick Jagger’s GREED that was to blame for Rock’s darkest day

Revisiting Altamont

The Rolling Stones Disaster At Altamont: Let It Bleed

The Day the Music Died: The plane crash which killed Buddy Holly

Screeching tires and busting glass: Defining the teen-tragedy song in 60 minutes – AV Music

Doo Wop


The 50s: A Decade of Music That Changed the World

Do You Believe in Rock and Roll?: Essays on Don McLean’s “American Pie”

The Monotones

Dream Songs: The Music of the March on Washington – The New Yorker


The Day the Music Died: A Closer Look at the Lyrics of “American Pie”

Gloomy Don McLean reveals meaning of ‘American Pie’ — and sells lyrics for $1.2 million


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