Episode 126: Southern Gothic AF: Ghosts of Natchez

Sometimes the character of a place is so apparent that one can help but feel the stories that formed it. Natchez, Mississippi is one of those places. History has always brought conflicted, complicated characters to this city on the bluffs, and it seems that those characters and the spaces that he inhabited are still around. Natchez held on tight to its history, and today, legends abound. Join us this week as we discuss the southern character itself, focusing on stories from this sleepy Mississippi town: from the haunting of King’s Tavern, to the town’s ties to the infamous Harpe Brothers; from the trial of Aaron Burr, to murder at Goat Castle.



The King’s Tavern: A Haunted History of Cruelty, Anguish and Sorrow

Natchez Area Paranormal Society

Haunted Mississippi: Looking for Spirits at King’s Tavern in Natchez

The Haunted Natchez Trace By Bud Steed

King’s Tavern in Natchez, Mississippi; National Trust for Historic Preservation

Mississippi Current Cookbook: A Culinary Journey down America’s Greatest River By Regina Charboneau, Harriet Bell

The Natchez District and the American Revolution By Robert V. Haynes

The outlaws of Cave-in-Rock : historical accounts of the famous highwaymen and river pirates who operated in pioneer days upon the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and over the old Natchez trace by Rothert, Otto Arthur

Aaron Burr in Mississippi Thomas Perkins Abernethy The Journal of Southern History Vol. 15, No. 1 (Feb., 1949)

Natchez- Mississippi’s Most Haunted Town

THE OUTLAW YEARS by ROBERT M.COATES – The History of the Land Pirates of the Natchez Trace

Lost Mansions of Mississippi By Mary Carol Miller

The Natchez Trace Indian Trail to Parkway Dawson A. Phelps Tennessee Historical Quarterly Vol. 21, No. 3 (SEPTEMBER, 1962)

Trace of Spirits – Deep South Magazine

Retracing Slavery’s Trail of Tears – Smithsonian

End of the Road – Smithsonian

Legends of the war of independence : and of the earlier settlements in the West by Thomas Marshall)

Goat Castle: A True Story of Murder, Race, and the Gothic South by Karen L Cox

Longwood Plantation – Civil War Buff

Longwood Mansion in Natchez, Mississippi: A story of a broken dream – Abandoned Spaces

Old Images of Natchez

“Fata Morgana”: A Vision of Empire–the Burr Conspiracy in Mississippi Territory and the Great Southwest–Natchez Love Story of Ex-Vice President Aaron Burr : a Historical Novel – Elizabeth Brandon Stanton

Finding Emily A Story of Historical Recovery

“The Goat Castle Murder” – The Writers Porch


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