Episode 95: The Man Who Never Dies & Knows Everything: Count St. Germain

The secret to eternal life has long eluded all of us mortals. The secret to perpetual youth? Also a tricky thing to pin down. That has not stopped wild speculation about what these secrets might be, and who might know them. No, the gossip about immortals is as old as the fear of not being one of them. Lace up your best pair of wandering shoes, and join us as we try to locate the fountain of youth, and gaze at the many guises of the perpetual stranger cursed to roam the earth for eternity. Of course, any story of mysterious immortals that does not mention Count St. Germain is a story half told. We will spend some time unraveling his complicated pasts, and asking the questions no one has dared to ask, and forming some new theories you won’t find anywhere else.






Misconceptions and Myths Related to the Fountain of Youth and Juan Ponce de Leon’s 1513 Exploration Voyage Douglas T. Peck

Ponce De Leon Never Searched for the Fountain of Youth – Smithsonian

Ponce de León, Exposed – NYTs

Spanish Voyage of Discovery – Washington Irving

Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park

Luella Day McConnell – St. Augustine, FL

National Register of Historic Places – Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park

The Search for Cibola, the Seven Cities of Gold

al-Khiḍr, The Green Man

The Green Man and the King of Salem – Patheos

The New Encyclopedia of Islam By Cyril Glassé

All About The Prophet Khidr

The Cave of Treasure – Patheos

Is Al-Khidr Still Alive…?

Is The Source Of Qur’an 18:60-65 The Alexander Romances?

Great Secret Count St Germain By Raymond Bernard

The Count of Saint-Germain David Pratt

The Astonishing Story of the Immortal Man Who Knew Every Secret

Comte de Saint Germain: Rosicrucian, Ascended Master, or Immortal?

Count St Germain – History of Alchemy

Who was the Count of Saint Germain? – Historic Mysteries

Finding Count St Germaine

The Count – Adventures of St Germaine

Richard Stockton – The History Junkie

WAS RICHARD STOCKTON A HERO? – Journal of the American Revolution

The Witch Figure: Folklore Essays by a Group of Scholars in England … edited by Venetia Newall

University of Delaware Special Collections – Philosopher’s Stone and Elixir of Life


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