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A weekly podcast taking a look at the stories we tell over and over again; and what our fears and fables, myths and misdeeds say about us as humans.

Just A Story is created by Samantha and Jacob LeBas

The Just A Story Team lives in Austin, Texas with their two young children, where they spend their free time researching historical oddities and societal curiosities. Jacob practices medicine, and gives the show a thin veneer of scientific and psychological credibility. Sam, who studied folklore and linguistics, now draws stuff and edits comics. They began podcasting in 2015. They currently produce Just A Story: The Urban Legend Podcast and Audio Dime Musem

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11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey guys!
    I just wanted to say how much you’re podcasts get me through my all hours commute. I’m a flight attendant surviving in lovely orlando florida so i find myself awake at all hours driving to and from airports. Your amazing stories keep me up and attentive! Everything is so well researched and accurate that I can not wait for the next episode! Keep up the good work! I was gonna call the just a story hotline about this but i feel like I’m only away at weird hours your time so here it goes. I’m not sure if you could do a whole episode about this or not but its worth a look see. The Denver International Airport! Any crew member thats flown in and out of there enough will tell you about all the weird shit that happens. Secret tunnels, New World Order murals. And don’t even get me started on the Blusifer ( thats his actual name) horse statue out front. Its an apocalypse bunker for sure! Cheers! Can” wait to drink some wine and listen to you two!!!!


    1. I’ve never heard about this! So interesting. We are about to start a state urban legend series and this fits perfectly. It’s on the list! Thanks for all the kind words, and for listening!


  2. Hey guys, do u know how I’m surviving my shitty part-time work hours now? By using your podcast.
    Sounds weird, right?
    Frankly, your mind blowing stories help me to forget about the reality when I listen those in my short but extremely boring work hours .
    Keep up the good work… and please remember, no matter what happen to this world- some people like me will listen you as long as you will podcast… 🙂

    Best wishes from Bangladesh/Germany.


  3. I am loving this podcast.
    When I was in college it was “common knowledge” that is someone’s roommate died during the semester, the living roommate would automatically get a 4.0 that term. There were versions that said it only applied if he committed suicide and/or was murdered.


  4. So…..if you’re looking for a short (bwahahaha) segment, have you ever heard of Midgetville in Ridley Park, PA (just south of Philadelphia)? I lived in Ridley Park as a kid, and we always heard about it, but we were terrified of trying to go find it. The story was that if you went through that area and you weren’t a little person, they’d come rioting out of their homes and beat/stone/kidnap you. I’m sure it’s complete and utter bullshit, but the whole concept is a scream, and I’d love to know from where that story originated. There is a little bit of stuff about it online, but it doesn’t really nail down the origins.

    I love your podcast. It provides my brain with something to satisfy my natural urge to multitask (yeah, I probably have a little ADHD…)



  5. Thank you for putting together a great podcast for me to listen to each week. I have been listening for a few months now, I often go back a listen to past podcast you have done. I 26 and from Utah, we have a urban legend here about skin walkers. Some people say they are Native Americans, a aliens, or just some kind of supernatural animal that can change into a human and kills or does other horrific things to you. They are often picked up as hitch hikers walking in areas where no one or no town is. I don’t know much about the origin of skin walkers, I think they a interesting and other might find it interesting as well. As it only seems to be a Utah legend.

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